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I'm not normally someone to post something like this but I figured it was a necessary time to do so. On Inauguration Day, I planned on attending the ceremony, not because I necessarily support Donald Trump, but because I wanted to take advantage of being in DC during such an eventful time. While on the way to the ceremony, I witnessed a lot of disturbing things: I saw a group of both women and men in masks with backpacks, police throwing tear gas at rioters, people of all ages (mainly women) screaming that if you're attending the inauguration you're automatically a racist or a rapist, and so forth. I immediately felt uncomfortable, scared, and attacked, which is why I decided to leave my friends and return home. On the walk home, I saw bashed in store fronts, broken eggs on the ground, etc. I felt disappointed, ashamed, and flat out sad to be part of such a hateful and disrespectful society. I'm a huge believer in individuals expressing their opinions, not matter what they are, however, I think there is a way to do so, and that is peacefully. It is because of this awful day that I didn't attend the Women's March the following day - I wasn't sure if this would be a positive movement or if it would simply be a lot of women bashing Trump, and I could not deal with two days of feeling the way I had Friday. From everyone I knew who did attend the march, it was nothing like this - it was a group of strong women and men coming together to support one another, and, to be completely honest, I really regret not attending, but I was also just so happy to hear about the positive experiences other people had. We should be able to support each other on a positive note -- without bashing other people or bringing in negativity - that's what will have the most powerful influence. Well, that's all I really had to say about the situation, and now we can move on to one of this week's looks!

The Free People shirt I wore is one I have had since middle school - definitely one of the only thins I still have from that time, which is crazy to think about - I'm still wearing a shirt I used to wear when worrying about if my crush would talk to me during lunch or not. The floral blouse has shoulder pads (which I wish would come back in style already), and can be worn with or without a belt. Obviously this exact shirt is no longer available, but there are similar looks both here and here. Pairing it with a simple belt, like this one, or just on its own, with black pants and flats is the way to go.