Combat boots to kill

My mom has this awesome pair of Chanel combat boots from the 80's that she lives in. They're leather ankle boots that have the Chanel logo embossed on the toe of the boot - they're super simple, and I wear them whenever I get the chance (whenever she's not wearing them, that is). While I'm a fan of nice things, I'm not a huge fan of flashy things, which is why I loved how subtle the two c's on my mom's boots are.  

I searched for my own pair for years, but didn't come across any I truly loved until recently.  

Fortunately, a few months ago, my mom sent me a link to the badass ones pictured above - they were exactly what I was looking for. While I've had a little bit of a tough time breaking them in, they're so classic and something I will have forever - at least that's how I justified buying them to myself. Thanks mom!

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