Can you even see me in this camo?

I woke up this particular Friday morning not wanting to put a whole lot of effort into my outfit, which is why I decided to go with the simple jeans + sweater look. The cashmere came sweater from LF is a great go-to of mine. It's light, so I can wear it under a fitted jacket, and it's warm.

The Burberry jacket was a Christmas present from a few years back. I originally asked for the classic quilted jacket, but my mom talked me out of going for the jacket that "everyone has". Although I do love the classic look, I'm happy I went with the more form-fitting, not as common jacket that doesn't scream "BURBERRY".

The "boots with the fur" were another great find at that vintage store in NYC. They're also vintage Ralph Lauren and they are AWESOME. You will be seeing lots of them this season.