I’ve loved clothes and fashion since I can remember - always begging my mom to let me dress myself when I was little, which, looking back on it, probably went against her better judgement at the time. I could never decide between outfits so I would end up layering everything together - pink and green leggings with a yellow tutu, two different colored socks, multiple bows as big as my head - I looked ridiculous most of the time. 


I always thought I would move to New York City and work for a designer of my dreams, but as I got closer to graduation, I decided that wasn’t the path I wanted to take after all. Instead, I moved to Washington, DC, a place I never thought I would end up. I’ve never been a super political person, but I somehow ended up working for a Congressman from South Carolina. I didn’t really own many “work appropriate clothes” after graduation, which I didn’t think would be a big deal - it was just work, right? I was still in college mode and wasn’t completely aware I would be spending more time in my office than pretty much anywhere else. 


As I began looking for a new wardrobe, I realized the majority of the clothes women wear to work are, no offense, not the most fashionable or flattering. As a very visual person who has always been in love with clothes and the latest trends, this made me think of how this could be different. Obviously I realize that not every working woman cares about clothes as much as I do, but I’m someone who always feels better when I feel put together and am wearing something I feel great in - it’s a confidence booster for me, which is what sparked my interest in starting a blog. 


I’m still not entirely sure how the world of blogging works, and it’s taken me a year (in which I landed a job as a recruiter, where I’m constantly interacting with and meeting new people) to make this a reality, but I’m really excited to be able to incorporate something that has been a passion of mine for years into my everyday life. Follow @workthewear for daily inspo on what to wear to the office as a young professional!